Ruizean Fund Asset Classes

Consumer Credit

Consumer credit including residential mortgage bridge loans.

Real Estate

Real estate development and construction projects (residential, mixed use, commercial).

Commercial Property

Commercial property investment (hotels, serviced apartments, general commercial).

Debt Investment

Debt investments (first mortgage, mezzanine/junior debt and structured debt).


Equity joint ventures, equity and preferred equity investments in real property projects.

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Fund Objectives

Ruizean Funds Management structures and manages wholesale managed investment schemes which seek to provide investors in its funds with mortgage loan and real property-related investments which deliver applicable debt and equity returns which are consistent with the risk of the particular investment. Investment propositions and their risks and benefits are assessed, vetted by and in each case are subject to the approval of Ruizean Funds Management’s investment committee.

Tailored Funds

Ruizean Funds Management has an innovative and experienced investment team which can develop and structure investments in real property, alternative debt and asset finance which may meet a qualifying investor’s specific investment appetite and objectives. More details on investments in each of these asset classes is available from Ruizean Funds Management and a Ruizean consultant can be contacted on the contact details below to discuss investment opportunities.

About Us

Ruizean Funds Management is an independent fund manager focusing on innovation and excellence in development and commercial property finance, residential mortgage lending and specialist debt investments.

Ruizean Funds Management structures, establishes and manages wholesale managed investment schemes which incorporate innovation and structuring expertise by which it can offer investments which capitalise on current market trends and opportunities within the real estate, mortgage lending and specialised debt markets. Ruizean Funds Management’s independence and experience enable it to develop tailored and focused investment opportunities which can offer superior risk reward outcomes for its clients.

Ruizean Funds Pty Ltd is a trustee, investment manager and specialist credit provider holding an Australian Credit Licence (ACL number 480542) authorised to make loans secured by Residential Property. Ruizean Funds Pty Ltd is a Corporate Authorised Representative (number 1245241) of Ruizean Funds Management Ltd which authorises it to provide financial services pursuant to Ruizean Funds Management Limited’s Australian Financial Services Licence (number 374409).
The Ruizean group is based in Gateway, Sydney, Australia, with offices in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.


Compliance Policy Framework

Ruizean Funds Management has a detailed compliance and policy framework in place to implement its compliance processes, procedures and controls in respect of compliance with Ruizean Funds Pty Ltd’s obligations under its Australian Credit Licence and under Ruizean Funds Management Limited’s obligations under its Australian Financial Services Licence, under applicable Australian laws and regulations and the requirements of and regulatory guidance issued by the Australian Securities & Investments Commission.

Trust Deeds and IMs

Each fund is governed by a Trust Deed which binds Ruizean Funds Pty Ltd as Trustee and the unitholders of the fund. The Trust Deed and the relevant Information Memorandum set out the written terms upon which Ruizean Funds Pty Ltd acts as the trustee of the relevant fund and the law relating to trustees imposes additional obligations on Ruizean Funds Pty Ltd in relation to its activities as trustee of the relevant fund. The relevant Information Memorandum provides investors with detailed information on the investment mandate of the Trustee for the particular fund.

Fund Administrator and Auditor

Ruizean Funds Pty Ltd engages external service providers to administer and audit its funds. Custom House Fund Services (Australia) Pty Limited is the third party administrator of Ruizean Funds Pty Ltd’s funds, with the Custom House Group currently administering more than USD$20 billion in assets globally. Custom House maintains the investor register, processes payments of investor unit subscriptions and of distributions to investors, provides periodic fund accounting and valuation, maintains a Web Investor Reporting Portal, disburses third party fees and expenses for the funds, prepares tax distribution statements for investors and annual financial statements for the funds (to be audited by the fund’s auditor). BDO Australia is the auditor of Ruizean Funds Management Ltd and each fund will be audited by Ruizean Funds Pty Ltd’s appointed external auditor.

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Our Offices


Melbourne Office

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Sydney Office

  • Level 37 Gateway
    1 Macquarie Place
    Sydney NSW 2000

  • +61 2 9017 5200

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