Ruizean Funds Management has a detailed compliance and policy framework in place to implement its compliance processes, procedures and controls in respect of compliance with Ruizean Finance Pty Ltd’s obligations under its Australian Credit Licence and under Ruizean Funds Management Limited’s obligations under its Australian Financial Services Licence, under applicable Australian laws and regulations and the requirements of and regulatory guidance issued by the Australian Securities & Investments Commission.


Each fund is governed by a Trust Deed which binds Ruizean Finance Pty Ltd as Trustee and the unitholders of the fund. The Trust Deed and the relevant Information Memorandum set out the written terms upon which Ruizean Finance Pty Ltd acts as the trustee of the relevant fund and the law relating to trustees imposes additional obligations on Ruizean Finance Pty Ltd in relation to its activities as trustee of the relevant fund. The relevant Information Memorandum provides investors with detailed information on the investment mandate of the Trustee for the particular fund.


Ruizean Finance Pty Ltd engages external service providers to administer and audit its funds. A third party administrator maintains the investor register, processes payments of investor unit subscriptions and of distributions to investors, provides periodic fund accounting and valuation, maintains a Web Investor Reporting Portal, disburses third party fees and expenses for the funds, prepares tax distribution statements for investors and annual financial statements for the funds (to be audited by the fund’s auditor). Each fund will be audited by Ruizean Finance Pty Ltd’s appointed external auditor.